An Olfactory Serenade

We take photographs with all sorts of gadgets and we record sounds with an equal number of devices all in the hope that we can capture some moment, some special event or time that we wish to share and make available for some future time. What we cannot really capture are smells – those olfactory moments that grab our attention in both positive and at times, challenging ways.

This evening as I sit working at my siren of hope and beacon of light I am serenaded by a sweet and beautiful scent from somewhere in my neighborhood. Probably some fresh cut item in a nearby garden. The evening air is cool yet mixed with this fragrant dance from some organic source hidden in the darkness of the evening.

The day has been rich and warm and those in the neighborhood seemed to glide in a peaceful way that comes with a quietude associated with late summer. I savour the moments and the accompanying peace.

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