It’s hard to rhyme when you have the time if you have hurt in your heart

Rhyme is joy, rhyme is fun, rhyme is lightness; sit quiet and feel the sun

It’s hard to rhyme when you have the time if you have hurt in your heart

It’s hard to rhyme when you have the time if distorted ink and desperate acts pull you apart

It’s hard to think about and a challenge to imagine the painful acts and the ugly ink that appear not from the heart

And it’s hard to think about and a challenge to imagine a forceful influence behind a curtain that places us all on a board to serve the pleasure of a few

The arrhythmic events, the footprints of ugly ink, and the distorted acts of pain and puppetry, veil our sight, become the troubled air we breathe, and unrecognizably shape the rhythm of our lives

So, what can we do?

Do we just turn away to fancifully imagine and find that rhyme, that joy, the light, the sun, believing our heart rhythm will return on its own?

Or must we face that ugly ink, in order to understand the distorted acts of terror, in order to alter the script, in order to rebuild the rhyme and reshape our true rhythm?

Really? Can we alter the script, can we bring back our rhythm?

Can we find the strength, the heart, and the light that is bright and strong enough to accomplish this task?

There is no other choice

Distorted ink has always been part of the landscape, painful acts of twisted terror have always existed in our gardens of life and the twisters and distorters have always roamed among us – yet as with all we see and breathe, we have to decide when we wish to stop allowing the distortion and stop allowing ourselves to be twisted to serve the purpose of others. We must decide to stand up and actively alter the script, change the landscape, and return meaning to our rhyme and our rhythm

This arrhythmic world has been decades in the making and it will be uncomfortable to unmake

The ugly ink and the twisted acts of terror will not disappear overnight but we need to change the agenda, alter the script, bring light to the garden

We need to rework the balance of the soil in our life-garden to support that which we know to be good and plant our spirited ideas using fresh and beautiful new ink. We need to come to understand how we have unwittingly been played and manipulated and retake control of the life-script in our planet garden

In the words of Stéphane Hessel, stand up and find your outrage, become indignant, get involved, and then share the dignity with all. Read the work of many, speak up, but discern carefully, believe, and know that we are all equal and we can share this small rock together if we choose. Ignorance and arrogance are the enemy.

Find your rhythm and with it, build a symphony